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The Order of Things

Gerhard Richter has addressed the manner in which his oeuvre is perceived and understood through the rigorous documentation of his paintings, drawings, sculpture, editions and their source material in the catalogue raisonné and Atlas.

The Atlas came about in response to Richter’s “desire for order and a clear presentation” of the vast amount of source material he had accumulated. It has acted as a filter of an abundance of images to a manageable collection of useful images.

In order to promote a developed understanding of Richter’s methods and outputs, a comprehensive survey was made of the contents of the catalogue and Atlas, resulting in a selection of his paintings in a precisely ordered array.

Options of specific criteria, developed and employed for both the selection and ordering of images, included chronology, position in catalogue raisonné, title, subject matter, size, colour, application technique, where the source material is archived in the Atlas, price sold at auction, institution where held or the amount of times work has been exhibited. The selection may be as extensive or intensive as is relevant to the conceptual or visual criteria chosen.

The representation of the re-ordering of the selected works were to use text, image, or both.

GR "Albumfotos" 1962 Atlas Sheet 1
GR "Arosa" 1972 Atlas Sheet 333